The Green Project – get involved!

green project privet hedge plantingThe Green Project encompasses anything which contributes towards making the site as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible.

We have a fantastic “Green Team” of enthusiastic people who love to work outside!  If you love to get stuck into an outdoors project, then get in touch.  The things we regularly work on include

  • Planting and gardening – making sure we are keeping the site as green as possible, creating new green spaces for plants, insects and other wildlife
  • Water management – taking the water away from the pitches, where we don’t want it in Winter and divert it to areas we do
  • Nature conservation – looking after the birds and wildlife who share the site with us – hedgehog homes, nesting boxes, insect-friendly plants
  • Maintenance of the football pitches – grass cutting, edge strimming  and grass management
  • Maintenance of the white lines for the football pitch – not green lines!
  • Composting the garden waste as far as we can
  • Recycling
  • Painting and maintaining the buildings
  • Ditch clearing – keeping the ditches clear of waste so they can do the job they were built for
  • Water conservation – we need water butts around the site in strategic places
  • Path clearing – keeping the site accessible for all

There is so much to do and everyone is welcome to give us ideas, advice or some help! Get involved!

If you are a part of a corporation and have “Corporate Responsibility Days” then please do get in touch – we can use all the help we can get!

WHERE : All year, some rain or shine, at the TD Shipley site.

WHEN : Every Monday from 9:30.

PARKING : There is plenty of parking space at the site.

FEES : Small annual membership fee to cover insurance .  All money goes towards the upkeep of the facilities – we are a non-profit making organisation.

For further information, please contact: