Vets Jersey Tour 2018

By all accounts the vets rounded off their most successful season yet (as league champions) with a thoroughly enjoyable Tour in Jersey. They played 4, won 2 and came away with the Fair Play Award (although no one is quite sure how that happened!). There was a fantastic turn out from the lads with the majority of the squad making the effort to get over to Jersey. Great camaraderie and team spirit both on and off the pitch. The golfers enjoyed a bash at a local course, and overall a great time was had by all. Big thanks to Murph who did the lions share of organising. Some Tour photos below, although I suspect these have been vetted somewhat...!

Vets jersey Tour Team
Vets Jersey Tour team 6
Vets Jersey Tour team 3
Vets Jersey Tour team 7
Vets Jersey Tour team 4
Vets Jersey Tour team 2
Vets Jersey Tour team 8
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