We need your votes!!


A lot of us at HSCP have worked incredibly hard to build a new football pitch at the TD Shipley site.  This pitch is much needed by the local community for junior football in particular but also to support other ages. To finish it off, we have made an application for £9,000 to the AVIVA Community Fund for money to buy the high “catch nets”, required by the planning authorities to stop the balls going into the road behind the goals. We have also asked for £1,000 for timber for our Men's Shed.

But the money AVIVA has available is limited and will only go to the projects which collect the most votes.

So, to receive even a penny, we must make some noise and ask all our friends and supporters (and the friends, colleagues and families of our friends and supporters!) to follow this LINK and VOTE VOTE VOTE!  Voting ends 20th November, so please do not delay!!

Clearly we need as many votes as possible and if we don’t receive sufficient votes we will not receive funding from this scheme; and so… while writing and contacting all our members, friends and supporters, we want to take the opportunity to invite you to visit the crowdfunding page where you could make a donation. Because aside from the catch nets, we will also need up to £2000 to buy a series of different sized goals for our new pitch, and if we can raise something towards these through crowdfunding, this process will have been worthwhile.

What to do...

Step 1....Visit the AVIVA Community Fund pages (link above) and place your 10 VOTEs for the Horsham & Shipley Community Project. Please note, the link to register is to the right of the photo box, and you will have to register before you can vote. It is an easy process.  https://www.avivacommunityfund.co.uk/voting/project/view/4-1095

You have 10 Votes, please use them all on the Horsham and Shipley Community Project! Thank you.

Step 2....Forward this link to all your friends, colleagues and family and invite them to support us by simply placing a VOTE for the Horsham & Shipley Community Project.

Step 3....If you wish to make a donation, you can do so after voting. Thank you.

Thank you for your vote, and a donation of any size will be gratefully received and will make this process worthwhile.

Read about the development of the pitch over the past 3 years here 


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