Match Report – AFC Worthing vs HFL

AFC Worthing vs HFL, Presidents Vets Cup Qtr Finals.

Kick off – 10:30am, Durrington Rec N, Worthing

AFC Worthing 0-6 HFL .

Match Report by Darron, HFL Manager.


T’was a cold fresh morning and Hills Farm Lane arrive ready for the match ahead but no one was there apart from the ref.

We had to wait half hour for 1 of the opposition to turn up to open the changing rooms.

Was this their ploy to dismantle our preparations??

They only had 9 men to start the match so I told the lads to not be disillusioned and to still stick to our game plan and go at them.

Whistle went and off we go, playing in their half most of the half. We score with a good goal by Goulder and ease off the pressure a little. Goulder then gets another and we’re off to a good start but we are now holding onto the ball too long, not making the passes and making silly mistakes.

Stuart then makes it 3 for half time but I’m still not happy and I let them know it in my half time speech.

They now have 10 men and the 2nd half resumes.

10 minutes in and I make a change.

I then score… with my left I might add to make it 4 – 0, and I make more changes and the old faithful comes on. We actually start playing properly again and spraying the ball about lovely.

There’s a corner and there’s a little scramble in the 6 yard box, Gareth knocks it goalwards and with everyone just watching it almost roll over the line out comes the number 22 (Trevor ) from nowhere actually sliding in to make sure it’s over the line,

5 – 0.

Trevor the gets a new lease of life in his old bones and it looks like he’s shaved off 20 years .

Another corner and who’s up in the air like a salmon, it’s only Trevor but has equally met with their defender and it’s wide off the post.

He gets another chance soon after and he hits the post. Where’s this bloke risen from and where’s he been hiding all season, he’ll give Karim a run for his money today. 5 minutes left and Trevor is passed a ball on the left side of the 18 yard box heading towards goal but the keeper is out early and Trevor gains some extra speed from somewhere and nicks the ball from the keepers fingertips, rounds him and bangs the ball in the onion basket to make it 6 – 0.

Job done, Trevors smile couldn’t get any bigger than a Cheshire cats and I’m truly happy for him. It’s a day that his Dad would be proud of and one that Trevor will never forget (believe me he’ll make sure of it).

So into the semi finals we go with our heads up high.

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