High Sheriff Gives the Nod

We are so grateful that the current High Sheriff of West Sussex, Dr Tim Fooks, took the time to visit us on a beautiful, sunny Tuesday late-April. just as the activities were starting to get going again after lockdown.  Dr Fooks, whose term as High Sheriff has almost ended, but who has an ongoing interest the causes and community remedies for loneliness, said

“It was a great pleasure to be able to visit the HSCP recently. After such a prolonged lockdown period, the members’ delight in being able to meet again was almost palpable, as was the camaraderie both on the sports fields and around the workshop.  I felt immediately welcome and included by the whole group, and I can readily understand why everyone I met spoke so highly about its importance and the benefit it brings to the overall quality of their lives – people simply feel better for being there.

“HSCP is a place where you can make new friends, learn new skills and be supported to stay well in both mind and body and I would like to thank and congratulate them wholeheartedly for developing such a fabulous asset for the local community.”

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